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"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine."

Che Guevara

We articulate serious cases of individual or group grievances with a view to generating evaluation, discussion, activation and most importantly implementation of a plan of action for the redressal of the grievance via ground events in Mumbai.

Keeping the name of the complainant discrete, we organize discrete discussions on the issue after we gauge the number of people interested in the topic. We keep a legal advisor and a media person for each discussion, which is on a large scale.

A person can approach us via mail with his/her problem and give us his/her contact details

The name of the sender will be undisclosed unless authorized by the sender.

We will contact the sender and do a background check on the information to verify its facts.After this is done, we will decide upon the topic that should be displayed on our website to invite students to register for the discussion.

Interested- In the website they can register for the discussion with a click generating a pass. They will have to get the Pass along with their college identity card.

Once this is done and a fairly large response is received we, will provide a platform for such a discussion and simultaneously we will take views on mail and give a consolidated view on our website.

The discussions provide a platform to the youth, who feel strongly about certain issues, to join the campaign promoting that particular cause.

Such discussions have professional guest speakers from many fields (depending on the issue being discussed).

Following the discussion, we provide a bridge for follow up action for those who want to make a positive change, with the right institution.

Our organization is making ties with all such institutions and continously follows up with them, with regard to the results.

Organizations being able to find successful solutions to the problem in a timely manner, will get publicity from VidYuth and a link to the media.

As our operations are growing more youth are joining our campaigns increasing the strength of our network. We are the most approachable organisation to the youth.

There is something in you that will tell you at times that this is not right.

When you hear that voice, contact us.

This is not a product we are selling; this is a country we are rebuilding.

Don't forget – when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

We are just a bunch of students, who have assumed responsibility for the words we wrote on our college walls.

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