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Our observations on what is going on around me as I have grown up have led me to believe that our society today has a very laid back approach to the inconsistencies it has; and it does have many. We read the newspapers, watch the news and maybe express our critical opinions on the state of our society in our sitting rooms. But these do not add up to anything truly corrective in the "NOW".

The youth of today (teens and early twenties) is impatient and positively so. They are not bothered about their efforts bearing fruit after 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. "We want the world and we want it NOW". If they feel strongly about something, what can they do about it right NOW.They want a platform, they want somebody to come and tell them, "If you feel this is wrong, then tell me what do you want to do about it and we will make sure you get the right and effective platform NOW".I believe with absolute conviction that the youth of today will jump at the chance of improving their own society, if they find a trusted hand to show them the right way of going about it.