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UnLtd India- India is booming. Yet enormous social issues remain for hundreds of millions of people across the country.

UnLtd India is built on a belief that individuals - not necessarily the government or the established NGO sector - can bring critical new ideas, energy and resources that are needed to solve these problems. We call these people social entrepreneurs

The National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM)- Headed by Medha Patkar, is an attempt towards building a people's political force, outside the electoral politics that can counter the forces of destruction, inequality and exploitation and realize the values of equity, justice, peace and non- violence. With Gandhian, Marxist and Ambedkarian perspectives brought together, the people's movements in India have been shaping up a new praxis on the basis of their struggles and constructive work on alternatives. This New Ideology strives for the radical changes in the production processes, technologies along with social-individual consumption patterns. Further, for it, the economic growth,democratic values and sustainability are equivalent and inevitable components of development.

The NAPM has tried to follow an ideological framework that strengthens the people's struggles for life and livelihood, by the agriculturists including agricultural labourers, adivasis - the indigenous populations, Dalits, fisher people, toiling women or the industrial workers and others, and people's development and the people's politics.